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Anime-themed CafesWorldwide

When visiting the birthplace of anime and manga, you absolutely have to make time to check out some of the quirky themed cafes that are peppered throughout every major city.  Each cafe is a unique experience, and Tokyo is at the heart of the best of them. You'll also find some cool stuff like merchandise from Attack on Titan.  To give you an idea of what the city has to offer, check out these top 3 themed cafes for any anime lover. 


1. Gundam Café (Akiba, Japan)

For all of the Gundam fans, there is a very cool Gundam Café located by Akihabara station. This café offers a selection of dishes and desserts that are designed to look like characters from the series (including Gundam-shaped cakes!). All of the décor and food details will make anyone excited and wanting to take home the large models that decorate the entrance of the café.


2.  Kigurumi Café (Akiba, Japan)

Kigurumi is essentially dressing up in full anime character costumes, including oversized heads with the classic large anime eyes.  This café is also located in the heart of Akihabara and it’s sure to get everyone in the mood to watch all of their favorite anime. The adorable characters will serve customers just like the famous maid cafes, so take some time to try several menu items and take in the amazing kigurumi atmosphere.  


3. One Piece Restaurant Baratie (Odaiba, Japan)

One Piece is one of the most popular anime series in and out of Japan, and fans now have a place they can live out their dreams of dining with all of their favorite characters. Located in the famous Fuji TV building on Odaiba, the experience begins outside, just steps away from the train station exit. With giant models, life-sized character statues and a menu decorated to perfection, it’s one of the best experiences you can have when visiting Tokyo. (don't forget you can see Japanese analysis of One Piece!) 


4. Hello Kitty Café (Adelaide, Australia) 


Hello Kitty fans with a taste for fine desserts and gourmet cakes can now dine in style.Offering plenty of selfie opportunities with the beloved cat, the first Sanrio licensed Hello Kitty Café in Australia has opened its doors in Adelaide.More than 1000 foodies attended the official opening on Sunday and anyone who celebrated their birthday in November was treated on the day to a free ‘mini Hello Kitty mousse cake’.From macaroons and mousses to birthday cakes and crème brûlées, the menu serves up cat-face treats for casual coffee dates, birthdays as well as high tea gatherings.Despite the Sanrio character famous for its 'pink theme', the coffee chain store is not decked out in pink but still stay true to its character with giant kitty figurines.


5.  Polar Bear Café (Tokyo, Japan)

Have you ever watch Polar Bear Café? It's about a very laid back polar bear who runs an organic café (complete with coffee beans roasted by a group of industrious tree kangaroos!).  His customers are mostly animals that "work" at the local zoo. You can imagine how ecstatic I was to find out that a real life version of this café exists in Takadanobaba, a district in the outskirts of Tokyo. The exterior of the café is not gaudy or over-the-top.  A person could unknowingly wander in without realizing it's athemed café at all. There are two things which I consider to be "bonuses" in this café, they could easily be missed but if you discover them it's amazing.  The first is the wallpaper in the toilets - I would love this in any room in my home, it would feel like the friendly animal characters are always around. What wonderful surprises await them inside!


If you are an anime fan looking for something new and exciting to try, visit an anime-themed café for an afternoon of wonder and delight. Each location will have something unique to offer customers, not to mention memories that will last a lifetime.  Also, why not learn some Japanese from anime to help you on your journey?

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