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Otaku Travel Tips: Visit Tokyo

For you, anOtaku who  visiting Tokyo for the first time, we are proud to introduce a model of course that you can use in order to enjoy the city tour. In Tokyo there are many places both, but it is hard if we want to be able to enjoy it all. Therefore we here present to introduce the places that most attract the attention of tourists as your reference. All of these places can be visited only takes 2 or 3 days.

KawaiiHarajuku fashions. First, the most well visited on Sundays is Harajuku and Yoyogipark. In Yoyogi park, but we can enjoy the show of street art and theater artists who practice, we can also enjoy a street market that opened there. Shibuya and Omotesando, on the other hand, is a classy area that we can enjoy, especially for travel fashion shopping. On Sunday in Harajuku, many girls cosplay interesting with cute costumes. Everything is a famous place around Harajuku station, including a place you cannot miss to visit, namely the Meiji shrine. No one other than the temple is located in the city center which has a lovely little forest.

Yasukuni Shrine For normal days, we recommend travel to the suburbs like Asakusa and Ryoukoku. Kappabashi and tourist areas such as around a kitchen appliance sales center of great interest both Tokyo and foreign tourists. There are also many other shopping center area but mostly closed at the end of the week so it is better if visited in the ordinary course. If Ryoukoku, this region is the region of the wrestlers. Around every corner there sumo houses that we can see. Many also chankonabe restaurant run by wrestlers. In the east of Tokyo, we had Akihabara, which is world famous as the center of Japanese electronics.

Ginza shopping If you want to enjoy the historical traces of Tokyo, the most appropriate place to visit is the Royal Palace. The palace is located in the central district of Tokyo 23, had traces the history of Edo beautiful castle can be enjoyed until now like a garden outside the palace, the palace garden eastern part, Marukoen or park in the northern part of the palace. Eastern part of the palace gardens are also an inner garden Edo castle, is part of the castle most of which have stone walls and gates of the beautiful square, in which there are four seasons flowers that we can enjoy while strolling. In the northern part there KouenKitanomaruYasukuni shrine, a closing amazing historical sites in this palace.

If you want to enjoy the shopping, then the most appropriate place to visit is Ginza, Roppongi, and Odaibara. All three are well-known shopping center Tokyo pride.

All over the place can be visited within 3 days. Suppose you only have a limited amount of time even if the target could be charming places we want to visit, then we can enjoy excursions in Tokyo to the fullest.

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