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Blizzard and Twitch teaming up to combat harassment

Blizzard Entertainment and Twitch are working together to develop a pilot program targeted at combating online harassment following an incident during a recent Hearthstone live stream.

The incident took place last week

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Destiny glitch causes Bungie to cancel Trials of Osiris event

Players who uncovered a glitch to let them earn an unlimited amount of ammo rockets compelled Bungie to cancel this weekend's Trials of Osiris event for Destiny, as well as Iron Banner,

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Next Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron, might have just been leaked

Thanks to Reddit user RWeav2, a supposedly "leaked" image of a never before seen Destiny poster has hit the internet (Sadly the original Reddit thread has been deleted). The image in question,

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Minecraft is headed to China

Minecraft is headed to China, Microsoft and Mojang announced today.

Mojang plans on developing a version of Minecraft that is tailored to the Chinese market, which will be made available exclusively to

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Gran Turismo Sport beta canceled

In yesterday's deluge of details for Gran Turismo Sport, including a November 16 launch date, one point was conspicuously missing for fans: What happened to the beta that was promised? Apparently, it

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst offers first look at huge Anchor District map

Mirror's Edge Catalyst may have been delayed by two weeks, but fans are still clamoring for information about the parkour-style action game. And luckily, the dev team at DICE have been more

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Hitman's Elusive Target #2 coming next week

It will be assassination time again next week when prospective hitmen will get an assignment to take out a Congressman. Relax, bodyguards. We're talking about the second elusive target for Agent 47

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NASCAR Heat Evolution will hit the track in September

The NASCAR Heat franchise is returning to the track in September after a 15-year absence.

Dusenberry-Martin Racing tweeted about the revival, announcing NASCAR Heat Evolution for PS4, Xbox One and PC, coming

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Final Score: Doom

Bethesda Softworks and id Software released its reboot of the classic Doom franchise last week. If you were on the fence as to whether or not you should pick up the game,

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Chattycast 94: There Are No Small Parts

We've talked about heroes. We've talked about villains. This week, we talk about everyone else! Without a big release to pick apart, and in an effort to temporarily distract Bryan from Overwatch

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The Talos Principle 2 confirmed from Croteam

The Talos Principle from Croteam was somewhat of a surprise hit, considering that the puzzler was a bit of a departure for the Serious Sam developer. So it makes sense that the

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All of the New Weapons in Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC

Fallout 4’sFar Harbor DLC is now available, complete with a new area, quests, characters, enemies, weapons, and armor. To make sure you’ve got the most comprehensive information available, here’s a

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Elite Dangerous Horizons coming to Xbox One in June

Elite Dangerous launched for Xbox One in October, but developer Frontier has revealed that the new Horizons season of content will be available for the console on June 3.

In an

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 offering double XP this weekend

There's no shortage of virtual bad guys to shoot this weekend. Battleborn's running a double XP weekend, and so is Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Matter of fact, you're already

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Rumor: Blizzard may be prepping a secret hero for Overwatch launch

What would be better than Blizzard launching Overwatch next Tuesday with 21 heroes to choose from? How about 22?

Over the past few weeks, clues have pointed to the presence of another

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Yooka-Laylee developer reveals new details

Playtonic wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign for Yooka-Laylee, the 3D platformer designed as a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, last June. The developer has been quietly plugging away since then—until today,

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Shacknews welcomes to our family

Greetings Shackers,

It is a huge pleasure to finally announce that Gamerhub Content Networks LLC, parent company of Shacknews, has acquired Modojo is a website dedicated to all things in the

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ELEAGUE to distribute live tournaments and on-demand content on Twitch

Twitch is the live-streaming platform of choice for gamers all around the world. Shaq knows it, and ELEAGUE knows it, which is why it signed a multi-year agreement to broadcast

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Fallout 4: Far Harbor Impressions - Lovecraft Meets the Nuclear Apocalypse

Unlike the Automatron DLC, which introduced a new quest within the already exhausted Commonwealth, Far Harbor takes players beyond the constrains of the base game’s boundaries, and into a brave new world,

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FOX steals game clip from Double Dribble on NES, gets original clip taken down under DMCA laws

If you watched this week's episode of Family Guy on FOX, your inner geek might have perked up when Peter and Cleveland squared off in NES classic Double Dribble, originally released in

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