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Get free mythical Pokemon as part of the series' 20th anniversary

Pokémon's 20th anniversary celebration has been... interesting. If Pikachu lingerie wasn't your speed, how about a free Darkrai, leveled to 100 and in full possession of a bevy of powerful attacks

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Upcoming Heroes of the Storm patch will make Tracer 'less universally powerful'

Tracer, the first Overwatch character to fight alongside other marquee Blizzard characters in Heroes of the Storm, isn't just good. She is an "absolute terror," in Blizzard's own words.

(That's pronounced

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PSA: Early access phase of Overwatch beta is live

The open-access beta for Overwatch, Blizzard's team-based shooter inspired by Valve's Team Fortress 2, is live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, across all regions.

Blizzard broke the news on

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Stardew Valley Is Getting Some Awesome Updates, Multiplayer, and Console Ports

Stardew Valley is an impressive effort, especially when you consider it came from one special developer: Eric Barone, also known online as ConcernedApe. It's a friendly and relaxing farming sim that's certainly

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This Pokken Tournament Controller Is All About Pikachu, But It's Japan-Only Right Now

Pokken Tournament may have been a little bit of a disappointment in some areas, but it served up a heaping helping of Pokemon on Pokemon fighting action. Manufacturer Hori is hoping to

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Heroes, Soldiers, and Demons: The Upcoming Shooters of 2016

2016 is a year of new things; new virtual reality tech, new console rumors, and many, many new games.

Some of the most popular of which being the first-person shooter. This year

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The Division's daily missions are MIA ... again

Are you looking for a daily mission in Ubisoft's The Division? Apparently, so is Ubisoft ... again.

Less than a month after The Division's Daily Missions mysteriously disappeared, they have again gone

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Dawn of War 3 announced with a kick-ass trailer

We knew it was coming and here it is: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3.


The official Dawn of War Twitter feed revealed the trailer with few details other than "Death

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Overwatch open beta will not have competitive play

Early access to the open beta for Overwatch has begun. But if you want to be competitive and test out ranked matches, then you will be disappointed. They won't be there.


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Dishonored 2 will sneak into your game library on November 11

If you are like me, you loved Dishonored. The announcement of the sequel was met with giddy anticipation. And now, that anticipation has a November 11 launch date.

Dishonored 2 will let

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Rumor: Watch Dogs 2 character may have leaked

We know nothing about Watch Dogs 2 yet, other than a sequel will be coming before April 2017. But we may have our first hint of what the new protagonist might look

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PlayStation Now adds 21 games in time for summer vacation

Sony wants your kids to be happy. They also know that parents may need a babysitter once the kids get out of school for summer vacation if they are allergic to sunshine.

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Dead Island Definitive Collection Shambles By With Its Latest Trailer

Deep Silver's keeping the hype train a-rollin' when it comes to the Dead Island Definitive Collection, having released a brand new trailer showing off some of the various kills you can expect

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E3 2016 Press Conferences and Streams

E3 2016 is fast approaching and we will be keeping track of all of the press conferences and livestreams for you so you can follow them when they kick off. A few

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Battlefield 4 and Hardline get free DLC packs through May 10

We are getting details on a new Battlefield game on May 6. So to entice people who have left the franchise to come back to the fold, EA is offering a free

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Microsoft sheds light on E3 2016 plans

With just over a month and a half to go until E3, more publishers are keen to reveal their plans for next month's annual extravaganza. Several companies including EA, Bethesda, and Microsoft

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Pocket Card Jockey Review: Dark Horse

Since Nintendo's announcement that it would move into the mobile space with the help of DeNA, it's been hard not to view its handheld offerings through that lens. Every microtransaction strategy and

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Three more games added to Humble Friends of Nintendo bundle

Humble Bundle's panoply of titles for Wii U and 3DS just grew by three. Until May 10, you can pay what you want for a curated selection of third-party games,

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Battleborn Tap available now for iOS and Android

As long as you're loading up on Battleborn games, you might as well add Battleborn Tap for iOS and Android to the pile.

A free-to-play title spun off from the first-person

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Could Heroes of the Storm be getting a dragon?

There be dragons coming to Heroes of the Storm, at least that is the speculation. Or could it be a new battlefield?

The official Twitter for the game revealed a GIF showing

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