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Tera MMO adds Hello Kitty items to its store

Every once in awhile, you get some strange and entertaining crossovers in games, be it because of marketing, or just some mischievous dev who got an OK from his equally impish supervisor.

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id Software reveals retro Easter eggs in New Doom

Yesterday, id Software hosted a livestream to showcase single-player elements. Later on, the Doom developer partnered with IGN to reveal a series of Easter eggs that will be instantly recognizable to fans

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Quantum Break for Xbox One receiving update today

Remedy and Microsoft are preparing a title update for Quantum Break on Xbox One to fix several nagging issues. Some, such as a correction for game assets disappearing if and when players

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Nintendo touts record-breaking Amiibo sales

Remember those halcyon days of Amiibo shortages and price gauging? The shortages are done and over with, for the most part, and price gouging? That'll never stop. Neither will Amiibo sales: despite

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Horseshoes, Powergloves, and Other Weird Real-Life Controller Patents

Speculation is fun, isn’t it? And we here in the gaming community are very, very good at speculating. From new console specs to whatever-the-heck franchise X publisher will choose to revitalize next,

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End copies stolen from shipment

Sony is hoping that the Uncharted 4: A Thief's End title is prophetic. It is hunting some folks who decided to make off with copies of the game as it was being

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Xbox One Slim production leak hints at E3 2016 launch

The Xbox One Slim and a new Xbox One may have leaked a few weeks ago, with many believing they’ll debut during E3 2016. Today, we’re learning something called the “Xbox One

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Street Fighter 5's Guile soars to destroy when he arrives on April 28

Capcom has announced Guile will be available to download in Street Fighter 5 starting April 28.

We don’t recommend staying up late tonight to download Guile as Capcom plans on releasing him

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Half Steps: A History of Console Upgrades, Part 1: Famicom Disk System

Leaked documents from Sony's camp have confirmed the existence of PlayStation Neo, a sort of half-step that bumps up the "base" PS4's processor speed, memory, and graphics hardware while remaining

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PlayStation Plus May 2016 free games lineup includes God of War, Tropico 5, and more

This month’s free games for PlayStation Plus members have been revealed, with the recent leak being nowhere near close to what will actually be available next month.

For May 2016, PlayStation 4

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Oxenfree coming to PS4 on May 31

Oxenfree from Night School Studio was a surprise hit when it came out for Xbox One in January. Given that momentum, the company has announced that it will be bringing the title

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Superhot moves forward towards an Xbox One release next week

Superhot will be releasing on the Xbox One on May 3, developer SUPERHOT Team has announced.

We first learned Superhot was releasing on the Xbox One just last week, and we now

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Watch the Chattycast talk game expansions at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Hearthstone launched its third major expansion this week, injecting hundreds of new cards into the long-lasting game. True to its CCG roots, it has remained a single release, no sequels or spin-offs,

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Darkest Dungeon for PS4 and Vita delayed to late summer

When Darkets Dungeon came out in January for PC, we loved it. So it was understandable that PlayStation 4 and Vita fans were excited that the game would come out this spring

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CD Projekt Red looks to emulate Rockstar's model for development

CD Projekt RED is one of those developers that is a darling in the games industry. Since The Witcher came out in 2007, the company has stayed focused on that one franchise,

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Oculus meets Minecraft in Gear VR Edition

If you have a Gear VR compatible Samsung phone, and the headset of course, get ready to jump into the world of Minecraft.

The Gear VR Edition, available on the Oculus Store

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Dark Souls 3 servers will be down tonight for patch maintenance

Don't panic if all those bloodstains and messages fade away like fog in sunlight: Bandai Namco will take Dark Souls 3's servers down later tonight to deploy patch 1.04.

Rather than disable

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Invisible, Inc. is a Solid Strategy Game on Console

Putting a strategy game on console can be a gamble. So many of them rely upon layers and layers of menus, multiple vantage points from which one can plan, and a deluge

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ESL to launch world's first 24-hour eSports channel this spring

No longer will you have to watch other people play video games from the discomfort of your desk. Electronic Sports League (ESL) has announced the impending launch of esportsTV!, a 24/7 channel

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Pay for Steam games using bitcoins

As of today—right this minute, even—you can purchase Steam games using credit cards, PayPal, and bitcoins. Rory Desmond, director of business at bitcoin payment service provider BitPay, laid out details for the

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