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Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders Voice Actor Quitting The Simpsons

Just a week after Fox renewed The Simpsons for two more seasons, it's been confirmed that veteran voice actor Harry Shearer--the voice of Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders--is leaving the show.


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Watch Witcher 3's Stunning Cinematic Launch Trailer

Ahead of the game's release next week, Polish developer CD Projekt Red on Thursday released a new cinematic trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Titled "A Night to Remember," the video

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Some GTA 5 PC Mods Reportedly Include Malware

Certain mods for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V may include malware, according to research done by a number of players.

A post today on GTAForums (via Reddit) raises the

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Destiny House of Wolves Launch Trailer Arrives, as Work Continues on Update Bug

With the release of Destiny's House of Wolves expansion just a few days away, Bungie--apparently confident that issues around the game's latest patch won't delay its arrival--released a launch trailer for the

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Bravely Second Offers Interesting Combat But a Lackluster Beginning

Bravely Second: End Layer, the sequel to much-beloved role-playing game Bravely Default, launched in Japan last month. I've been playing an imported copy, since there hasn't been any word yet on an

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Free Version of Half-Life Remaster Black Mesa to Get Limited Support, No Xen

With fan-created Half-Life remaster Black Mesa now available for purchase in Early Access, the developers have opened up regarding their plans for continued support of the older, free version.

A playable, but

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Toriyama Akira's anime 'Dragon Ball' will be returning with a new series titled 'Dragon Ball Chou (Super)' on Fuji TV in July

Dragon Ball Chou this will be the first original 'Dragon Ball' series in 18 years. The new series will be set after Goku's heroic battle against Majin Buu, when peace has been restored on Earth. The story will be drafted by Toriyama and will feature brand new animation. Nozawa Masako, who voices Son Goku, Son Gohan, and Son Goten, commented, "The word 'chou' is countlessly used in CMs and games, so it's wonderful to start the series 'Dragon Ball Chou'." In addition, Fuji TV producer Nozaki stated, "I am having big dreams reading Toriyama sensei's plot that has already been given to me.

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