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PS4 Nights Of Azure

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Nights Of Azure PS4 is a tragic epic tale of two friends tangled up in a web of fate and faced with impossible decisions that will test their loyalty to their quest and to each other to the limits.

Set on an uncharted imaginary island kingdom that floats in the North Seas, Nights of Azure paints a picture of a land where nights are tormented by azure-blooded demons.

In this kingdom of Ruswal very few people have the strength an the skill to take on the monsters and walk around after the sun has set.

One of the best among them is the protagonist. Arnice, a knight of great skill and power. Arnice is assisted by her friend and priestess Lilysse in a quest to rid the land of demons, but she soon finds out that the solution to the island's problems might not be as simple as defeating enemies in battle.

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