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Animavericks was founded and established by its founder and Managing Director, Handy Hakim, in 2005. Originated from Monash University’s anime club in Caulfield called MCAC, who also founded by Handy, Animavericks started as club's independent publication created by, for and to MCAC members. In its history, Animavericks have become Australia's first and only Anime, Video Games and Asian pop culture magazine and have gone internationally covering other countries such as NZ, Indonesia, Singapore and even UK!

Now after 10 years in the making, Animavericks have now being expanded to become not only as a print out magazine with a unique distribution system and global fan base derived from conventions and anime expo around the world, but we also have emerged as an internationally renown anime and Asian pop culture digital magazine & news streaming web portal which will provide anime fans around the world with tonnes of latest news and reviews about your favourite anime, video games and Asian pop culture which can be accessed virtually anytime through PC and mobile gadgets anywhere in the world!


To become the leading and the biggest media provider in anime and asian pop culture industry in the world.


To bring the latest, freshest and timely anime and Asian pop Culture news and entertainment to all the fans in the world anywhere, anytime and any place.




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