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About Animavericks

Animavericks, was founded and established by its founder and Managing Director, Handy Hakim, in 2005. Originated from Monash University’s anime club in Caulfield called MCAC, who also founded by Handy, Animavericks started as club's independent publication created by, for and to MCAC members. In its history, Animavericks have become Australia's first and only Anime, Video Games and Asian pop culture magazine and have gone internationally covering other countries such as NZ, Indonesia, Singapore and even UK! .



  • 2016 PriPara Film's Teaser Reveals March 12 Opening
  • Girls & Panzer Film Sells 84,800 Tickets for 128 Million Yen
  • Girls und Panzer Warns Fans Not to Trespass at Real-Life Golf Course
  • Fairy Tail Zero Prequel TV Anime Casts Kana Hanazawa as Zera
  • Sushi Police CG TV Anime's 2nd Trailer Reveals January 6 Debut
  • PSA: New Batman Arkham Knight DLC Available Now
  • Watch Just Cause 3's First Hour of Gameplay Right Here
  • Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 2 Box Office Results Worst in the Series
  • WWE 2K16's First DLC Expands Your Moveset Today
  • Star Wars Battlefront Breaks EA Download Records, Free DLC Coming
  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Is Out Now
  • Ayumi Hamasaki Announces Winter Project Album "Winter diary ~A7 Classical~"
  • Junnosuke Taguchi To Leave KAT-TUN & Johnny's Entertainment
  • Mirei Kiritani to Star in Upcoming TV Asahi Drama "Sumika Sumire"
  • Garo Anime Film's Teaser, Story, Visual, Title, Spring Release Unveiled
  • Comet Lucifer Spinoff Flash Anime Short's 7th Episode Explains Gift's Government
  • 'Unhappy!' Schoolgirl Comedy Anime Reveals Staff, Spring 2016 Debut
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Anime's 2nd Promo Video Reveals Shouta Aoi Song, Debut Date
  • Original Yu-Gi-Oh! Voice Actress Looks Back on Getting Role
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dev "So F**king Stoked" for Next Game
  • Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront, Assassin's Creed Syndicate Underperform at GameStop
  • Game of Thrones Season 6 Poster Teases a Potential Spoiler
  • Need for Speed's Rubber-Banding, Neon Lights Update Coming Soon
  • Killing Floor 2 Launching New Item Marketplace, But Only for Cosmetics
  • Star Wars Battlefront Sports a Great Easter Egg for Original Trilogy Fans
  • YG Entertainment CEO Shares Thoughts On CL's "HELLO BITCHES"
  • Ayumi Hamasaki Teases New Song "Winter diary"
  • MIKA RANMARU Releases Track List & Cover for Upcoming Live Album
  • Kyoko Fukada Stars in Latest TBS Romantic-Comedy Drama
  • [Exclusive] JpopAsia Interviews DJ banvox at SUUPAA JAPAN

PriPara Mi~nna no Akogare Let's Go PriPara is franchise's 1st film with new story The official website for the PriPara anime films began streaming a teaser trailer for next spring's film, PriPara Mi~nna no Akogare Let's Go PriPara (PriPara Eeeeveryone's Longing Let's Go PriPara), on Tuesday. The video announces that the film will open on March 12 and teases the story centering around Falulu as well as at least one new song.

Girls & Panzer opens at #2; live-Action My Love Story!! drops to #8 The former editor-in-chief of Kadokawa Shoten's Movie Walker website reported on Tuesday that the Girls und Panzer movie sold 84,752 tickets for 128,438,980 yen (about US$1.05 million) in the first two days since it opened on Saturday. It ranked #2 in attendance at the Japanese box office this past weekend, and also ranked #1 in viewer satisfaction on its opening day, according the ticketing service Pia's survey.

Excited fans at a movie premiere aren't enough to escape maintaining order. The Girls und Panzer movie has just been released in Japanese theaters nationwide on November 21. A sequel to the popular anime, the film features a golf course that exists in real life. Fans headed on pilgrimages to the golf course to visit the site of the movie, but are considered trespassers. The official Girls und Panzer has released a statement on Twitter to rectify this behavior.

Mamiko Noto, Katsuyuki Konishi star in story about founding of Fairy Tail guild This year's 52nd issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine announced on Wednesday that Kana Hanazawa will voice the character Zera in the television anime of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail Zero manga. Kanazawa said that she wants to faithfully portray Zera's strength and gentleness. She added that she looks forward to being able to chat with Mavis.

3 men crack down on bad Japanese food restaurants in short series The official website for the 3D CG anime project Sushi Police updated on Tuesday with the second trailer and broadcast details. The title refers to a term used by western news sources such as The Washington Post to refer to the Japanese government's initiative to offer official seals of approval to overseas Japanese food restaurants. The 2006 initiative was a response to overseas restaurants that labeled themselves as Japanese food restaurants, but served other Asian foods, or just bad food.

Batman: Arkham Knight's November DLC is now available. As announced previously, this includes a new Batmobile and Batsuit based on the ones seen in next year's Batman v Superman, new episodes, and more. The 2016 Batman v Superman Batmobile pack launches today for people who own the $40 Arkham Knight DLC pass. Everyone else gets it (for free) starting on December 1

Avalanche Studios and Square Enix today released an extended gameplay video for Just Cause 3 that shows off the over-the-top open-world action game's first hour. It serves as a nice primer to get you up to speed for what to expect when the game launches next week. Of course, if you'd rather go into Just Cause 3 without any further spoilers or knowledge, it would be best to avoid. In any case, the video is below.1.9 million. The series high is the second movie,Catching Fire, which opened to a colossal $158 million in 2013.

It's rare for a film that debuts with a box office take of more than $100 million to be considered a disappointment, but this was the case with the release of the much-hyped Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 this weekend. The massive success of the previous parts was such that expectations were extremely high for the new movie. Although it made $101 million, it fell short of Mockingjay Part 1, which opened with $121.9 million. The series high is the second movie,Catching Fire, which opened to a colossal $158 million in 2013.

The first downloadable content offering for WWE 2K16 is now available and introduces new moves to the wrestling game. The New Moves Pack, as previously announced, adds more than 30 moves to the game. A handful of these are featured in the video and image gallery above, including a corner enzuigiri, the Regal Cutter, and a 630-degree senton.

DICE's Star Wars Battlefront is breaking records. Publisher Electronic Arts announced today that the sci-fi shooter has become the "largest digital launch" in the company's history. It's also the "biggest launch" of any new Star Wars game ever released, the company said, though no specific data points were shared. In a blog post, EA Studios executive Patrick Soderlund also reveals that players can look forward to "lots of new content" coming to Battlefront in the coming months. One of the biggest critiques of the game so far is that some feel the game doesn't have enough content.

Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm have announced the launch of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes on the App Store and Google Play. The game features more than 60 characters from the Star Warsuniverse, which players can collect, create custom teams, and do battle with.

Ayumi Hamasaki will be releasing a new project album titled "Winter diary ~A7 Classical~" on December 23. The upcoming project album will be a reimagining of her 2015 albums "A ONE" and "sixxxxxx". Tracks from both albums will be included on the album and remade using classical instrumentals. Violinist Okabe Machi will make a special appearance on the album. She will be playing on the tracks "WARNING", "NO FUTURE" and "The Show Must Go On".

Junnosuke Taguchi has decided to leave KAT-TUN and Johnny's Entertainment. Taguchi made the surprise announce during NTV's "Best Artist 2015" year-end program. Before KAT-TUN performed "Dead or Alive", the idol told the audience of his decision. The idol will be leaving KAT-TUN and Johnny's Entertainment next spring. An exact date for his departure is currently not known.

Japanese actress Mirei Kiritani is set to star in TV Asahi's newest Friday drama series offering, "Sumika Sumire". The story is based on Takanashi Mitsuba's novel of the same name. It revolves around 65-year-old 'Sumi' who suddenly slips back in time, only to find herself as a 20-year-old college student again. She then renames herself 'Sumire' to match her youth.

The tagline on the visual reads, "A baby born from a mother burned at the stake — What that life inherited, is the fateful title….". The film is a sequel set four years after Honō no Kokuin, the first Garo the Animation television series. Director Yuichiro Hayashi, head writer Yasuko Kobayashi, and the anime studio MAPPA are reuniting after working on the first Garo the Animation television series. The teaser trailer will begin running on November 28, at Tokyo's Shinjuku Wald 9 and other theaters that will run the film itself next spring.

Bandai Visual began streaming the seventh episode of the Comet Lucifer television anime's spinoff SD Flash anime "Garden Indigo no Shasō Kara" (From Garden Indigo's Window) on Sunday. The episode features the characters Sōgo Amagi, Moura, and Felia discussing the government of Gift. Moura quizzes Sōgo and Felia about how leaders are chosen in Gift, giving them four choices: 1. citizen election every four years, 2. chosen by a central government, 3. lottery, and 4. inheritance. Sōgo guesses wrong: the correct answers are 2 and 3. Moura elaborates that while nominally the central government sends administrators to govern the Gardens, there are some who have made it a hereditary position, such as the Valoffs. Zoneboyle governs all of Gift as an executive official of the central government, but an advisory council of elders exist to check his power.

Anime reunites Baka & Test/C³ director, designer at SILVER LINK. The official Twitter account for the television anime of Cotoji's Unhappy! (Anhapi) comedy manga announced the main staff and Spring 2016 premiere of the anime on Tuesday. The anime's website was also supposed to open on Tuesday, but its server is experiencing issues. The images below are from the original manga.

Anime of Sega online RPG to premiere on January 7. The official website for Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation, the television anime of Sega'sPhantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) role-playing game, unveiled the second promotional video, new visual, and premiere date on Monday. On the same day, Shouta Aoi debuted his theme song "Zessei Stargate" (Unrivaled Stargate) at the Sympathy 2015 event.

Years after first having the role, voice actress Megumi Ogata has recently looked back on first voicing Yugi Mutou from the original 1998 Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. The memory apparently came to Ogata after listening to "Yōryū Risui," a Samurai Deeper Kyo character song for Sanda Yukimura (another of Ogata's roles). She has since tweeted about her memory of getting the role.

"We listened." Sledgehammer Games co-founder and chief creative officer Glen Schofield is "so f**king excited" for the developer's next game. Writing on Twitter, he didn't give away any specifics about what the game might be, but something in the Call of Duty space is expected given the studio's history and status.

[UPDATE] Industry analyst Doug Creutz of Cowen & Company issued a note to investors today after the GameStop call, stating Halo 5's digital sales are likely better than what GameStop claimed. "We especially have a hard time believing that Halo 5 digital units remain in the 20-25% range, as GameStop management suggested on the call," he said. "GameStop gave some other potential reasons for the disconnect between NPD data and Microsoft's post-launch press release, but we don't believe they are sufficient to explain the size of the gap."

Fans wouldn't be fans, and the Internet wouldn't be the Internet, without theories and speculation following a major twist in a favourite TV show. It happened with a popular character's supposed death in The Walking Dead a few weeks back, andGames of Thrones viewers have been wondering for months about fan-favourite Jon Snow. Now a teaser poster for the upcoming sixth season adds to the debate:

Perhaps most importantly, the patch deals with rubber-banding--that is, the AI's uncanny ability to catch up during races. In a blog post by community lead Ben Walke, the specifics of what's being changed aren't shared, but he says Ghost is aware of what fans have said about the issue. "With all this feedback in mind we have made changes to the AI behavior which should improve your overall experience," Walke says. Need for Speed's main menu is being updated to highlight any ongoing community events. These are new in-game events that will either grant bonus cash, Rep, or discounts for a limited time. The first of these begins tomorrow, November 24, and offers a 40 percent price cut on performance upgrades.

Killing Floor 2 is adding a new in-game store and item system, but everything obtained through either of these will be limited to cosmetic changes only. The Trading Floor, as it's called, will sell new weapon skins, outfits, and outfit skins. These will be sold for real money, while many (but not all) items will also be handed out for free through an in-game drop system that sounds reminiscent of Team Fortress 2's.

Whatever you think of it being so multiplayer-centric and simplistic, it's hard to deny that Star Wars Battlefront looks and sounds great, capturing much of the magic of Star Wars. It's also home to more than a few subtle references to the movies, the best of which was only just discovered. As found by Games Radar, a short cutscene setting up the Empire's goal in Walker Assault sees a stormtrooper watching a hologram message inside of a hangar. In the background, a pair of stormtroopers can be seen walking around when one slams his head into the stairs in front of him.

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk has shared his thoughts on CL's solo single "HELLO BITCHES". "HELLO BITCHES" was released on November 21. It quickly became a hot topic, and was even the most talked about topic on twitter. The CEO was surprised by how much attention the song got. "It’s great. I was really surprised," he said. While the song itself caught people's attention for its catchy beat, it was the music video's choreography that really impressed Suk.

Ayumi Hamasaki shared a picture through social media showing that she is working on a new song titled "Winter diary". The photo, pictured above, shows the title of the new song and that Tetsuya Komuro worked on the music. Further details are not known. The new song is thought to be a companion piece to Hamasaki's song "Summer Diary" from earlier this year. The music video ended with the words "To be continued...", alluding to the song and video's continuation.

Roughly two weeks ago, Mika Nakashima's new project (band) MIKA RANMARU was revealed. Now, it was announced that the band will be releasing a live album, titled "OFFICIAL BOOTLEG LIVE at SHINJUKU LOFT" on January 27, 2016. Nakashima, along with Kohey Tsuchiya, Jyunji Ikehata, and Takashi Ebinuma, make up the band. They debuted last November 11th at Shinjuku LOFT. The album containing 10 songs, which were all performed in the said live, will also come with an originally-designed T-shirt. The album cover and track list can be seen below.

Kyoko Fukada will be playing the lead role in the live action adaptation of the ongoing love-comedy manga series by Aya Nakahara, "Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai" (Please Love The Useless Me). The story revolves around 'Michiko Shibata' (Fukada), a 30-year-old unemployed and single woman, who apparently begins working again for 'Ayumu Kurosawa', portrayed by Dean Fujioka, his former boss who now owns a cafe. Other characters like Michiko's co-worker 'Daichi Mogami', Kurosawa's ex-girlfriend, and his childhood friend and florist will be played byShohei Miura, Maho Nonami, and Mimura respectively.

Starting out on net label Matine Records, banvox’s meteoric rise saw his releases getting praise around the world. banvox’s first album captured #1 on the iTunes dance charts, and he has played at Ultra in Japan, Korea, andEurope. banvox also produced the song in Google’s campaign for Android, ‘Jibun o Omoikiri’ with the song ‘New Style’. JPA: Since banvox is very new to the worldwide audience, would you like to introduce yourself and tell us more about what is banvox? banvox: My music covers all genres, and most people will classify my music as EDM (electronic dance music), but it’s not entirely so. It’s banvox.

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